“We know, but cannot grasp, that above and below, beyond the limits of perception or imagination, thousands and millions of simultaneous transformations are at work, interlinked like a musical score by mathematical counterpoint. It has been described as a symphony in geometry, but we lack the ears to hear it.” (Solaris, Stanislaw Lem)

Through her interdisciplinary work, Vanessa Enriquez investigates consciousness and the true nature of reality. It is a personal quest to develop the ears to hear the symphony of geometry that interconnects things. Central to her work is using drawing as a contemplative and inquisitive practice. On the one hand, a technique through which to explore consciousness through repetitive and rigorous gestures; on the other, a method to process concepts and phenomenon proposed by physics and non-dual philosophies. Her drawings act like performative diagrams. Their basis are texts that have been processed through the use of line. With tools ranging from ink to magnetic tape, Enriquez unfolds topographies and geometries whether on paper or in space that reference the multi-dimensional nature of reality, acknowledge the material as well as the immaterial and challenge the viewer’s perception. The resulting cartographies and morphologies seemingly in the process of unfolding bridge polarities in a concidentia oppositorum where literal / metaphorical, micro / macro, plan / improvisation, noise / stillness are integrated into co-existence.