Blackbird Song I and II 2021

VHS Magnetic tape embroidered on prepared canvas 45 x 74 cm

Sacred Inscriptions (buzz) 2021

Sublimation print on polyester textile, variable dimensions

Cosmic Mountain (swhish) II, III and I 2021

Etched copper plate 33 x 50 cm


In some cultures, the blackbird is seen as a sacred creature that bridges the physical and spiritual worlds; a symbol of death and rebirth. Stretching VHS tape, in a gentle manner so that it doesn’t break becomes a metaphoric act of killing time and transformation: The new material, a semiflexible shiny thread is then used to stitch a series of drawings reminischent of natural forms through a intuitive repetition of lines. A processed photograph of a pattern carved in the wood of a branch by female beetles and their larvae is hung in the corner softening the edges of the space, titled Sacred insciptions it remains ambiguous about the nature of these drawings. An etched copper plate displays a topographical rendering produced digitally by protruding a micro imprint on a 3-D software and photogravure.

Selected Works