Fluctuations VIII (urlaut) 2021

Spatial drawing with sound piece, VHS magnetic tape, speaker, variable dimensions

(Chant by Graciela María, sound design Concepción Huerta)


The series “Fluctuations” consists of spatial drawings made of sequences of lines of VHS tape suspended from the ceiling by two ends so that gravity creates catenary curves. For the DrawingLab, the group of catenaries create a semi-circle that penetrates the space, leaving the central part open in order to invite the public to cross it and listen to a sound piece. “urlaut” which refers to the original or cosmic breath of the universe is a sound piece of me sounding the magnetic tape accompanied by chant recorded at the bottom of a well. This work was inspired by musicologist Igor Reznikoff’s research on resonance in caves and its relation with prehistoric paintings in caves, and the resonance of the voice in the body and its healing power. It’s an invitation to enter the womb, the primal cave, and connect to the depths within us. A lullaby but also a call to memory.



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